Then the BotTronic Business in a Box is the one-stop solution that you are looking for!


A BotTronic Business in a Box, as the title implies, is everything you could possibly need to run a highly successful BotTronic business and achieve exponential growth in your BotTronic team. Whether you're a Consultant helping new investors to hook up to BotTronic, or a Networker or Affiliate Marketer looking to collect leads for future targeting—the BotTronic Business in a Box is the solution for you. 


With this package, you will get your very own personalized BotTronic Website, and a complete marketing system that will have you generating and converting leads on autopilot!  Add to that your very own personalized BotTronic Brochure, an Onboarding session from the BotTronic Chief Marketing Officer and, with the TurboTronic plan, promotion on multiple BotTronic Social Media channels—and being featured in the BotTronic Consultant Directory.  We're even throwing in a dedicated page that you can give for free to your BotTronic Affiliate Leaders or team members.  This is yet another great tool for growing your BotTronic team!  And that's only the beginning!

And to top it all off, we'll show you various ways of getting leads by sharing sources that we have tested ourselves!


When you put it all together, this is one incredible package that will make your success a mere formality.  Take a look at everything you get when you get a BotTronic Business in a Box.

Take A Look At Everything You Get With Your BotTronic Business in a Box ...

We have two options for you to choose from: StartTronic & TurboTronic Businesses in a Box. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of everything that you get. The first section lists everything that comes as standard with both options.  Then, we will show you what you will get as additional features in the TurboTronic Box.

Personalized BotTronic Website ($2,997 Value)

Your Done for You BotTronic website is ready to go!  It has a high-converting home page with your referral links built into the strategically-placed Call to Action buttons to maximize your conversion rates.  Your personalized BotTronic brochure is also featured, downloadable when leads opt in, thereby increasing that all-important email list so you can retarget them later. ( In fact, you could use the same system to send out details of other opportunities as well! )


There is also an About Page that features you as a BotTronic Consultant or Affiliate Partner, and a personalized Contact Page.  All BotTronic websites have been tested and optimized to ensure we maximize your full lead generation and conversion potential.

Two Website Versions for you to choose from! ($5,997 Value)

In complete recognition of the different needs of Affiliates / Networkers and Consultants, we have gone one step further, and created not one, but TWO versions of your personalized website!  One version focuses on capturing the leads you generate so that you can retarget them in the future.  The other version is designed for the Consultant who, in addition to capturing leads, also needs a built-in scheduling system for the strategy calls you offer.  Both versions are included in the package, so you can use one or the other—or both if you so wish!  More on the highly sophisticated booking system that we have integrated into this package below!

Three Opting/Lead Magnet Pages for you to choose from! ($997 Value)

Every Business in a Box comes with three different optin—or lead magnet—pages for you to choose from when running paid ads.  We have a free BotTronic Brochure optin page,  a Video registration optin page and a Webinar optin page for those Consultants who would like to take advantage of this additional option.

A Sophisticated Scheduling System ($997 Value)

Consultants are going to love this highly sophisticated, yet incredibly simple and intuitive scheduling system!  It has the ability to sync with your personal calendar, and is completely customizable.  Your calendar is updated in real-time, so you can never be double-booked. Set your calendar to whatever time zone you're in, and if your leads are elsewhere, the system will geo-locate them and convert to their local timezone.  The calendar can also be set to accommodate multiple team members and there are automated booking confirmation and reminder emails sent out when bookings are made. This system is amazing for on-boarding new BotTronic users quickly and effortlessly.

Connect the Website & Marketing System to your Own Domain Name ($27 Value)

Your website can be run on your own domain ( for a cohesive, unified customer journey.  The process is quick and easy to set up and we will guide you with our step-by-step instructional videos.  So all you need to make this work is the registration of your own domain and domain email.  We will provide detailed instructions and links which will make setting up your domain a breeze. 

Multiple Personalized High-Converting Email Sequences ($1,997 Value)

When a lead opts in for your personalized BotTronic brochure, or registers to watch the BotTronic video, or a Consultant-hosted Webinar, this triggers personalized email sequences with sales copy written to convert.  The system sends out emails to your leads on a daily basis to continue to nurture them until they join your team.  This is a vital component of any successful marketing system, given that research shows that it takes an average of 8 touches to get your leads to convert, in this case by joining your BotTronic team.  When it comes to the number of emails you get in your Business in a Box, we have, as usual, overdelivered and your leads will receive far more emails than the standard 8 to maximize the opportunities for conversion!

Personalized BotTronic Brochure ($97 Value)

We will create a personalized BotTronic brochure with your name, your website, your referral link, and your contact details.  This brochure acts as a powerful Lead Magnet, enticing your leads to enter their details in return for downloading their own copy from your Website Home Page.  A highly effective and proven strategy for generating leads and growing that all-important email list.  Your brochure will be displayed on the Brochure Optin Page (where you send your paid or organic traffic to) to capture leads, as well as on the Home Page of your website.

Onboarding Session with the BotTronic CMO ($497 Value)

When you join our BotTronic Business in a Box program, we will schedule you in for a one-on-one onboarding session with no other than the BotTronic Chief Marketing Officer, Elisabeth Botman.  During this call, Elisabeth will take you through a Financial Strategy session and explain everything you need to know to ensure that your BotTronic Business is a roaring success.

Duplicatable Funnel Page for Your Team ($297 Value)

Inside your account, we will throw in a page that you can give to your BotTronic affiliate leaders or team members.  This is another great tool for growing your BotTronic team!

Dedicated Membership Area with Instructional Videos ($297 Value)

Your Marketing System will be sent to you as a complete Done For You Campaign.  All you need to do is add your personal information and images and you will be good to go!  In a dedicated Membership Area, you will have access to step-by-step instructional videos that we have created to guide you through the entire process.  We will also be on hand via a dedicated Support Help Desk to provide extra assistance in the unlikely event that, at any stage, you get stuck.  If you would like us to do absolutely everything for you, then select the TurboTronic option in the Investment section below.

Ongoing Lead Generation Support ($ Priceless)

As a valued BotTronic Business in a Box member, you will gain access to a wealth of information and ongoing support to help you maximize your lead generation potential.  Because your success is our success, we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed!

Unlimited Updates & Improvements  ($ Priceless)

Every time there is an update of any kind by BotTronic—whether it's to your website, an email sequence or to a page design or content, we will send you the updates to import into your account.  And, if you choose the TurboTronic option in the Investment section below, then we will implement any and all changes for you automatically!  You won't ever have to lift a finger!

Time & Money ($ Priceless)

You will save hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars that it would otherwise take to achieve everything that is included in this powerful Business in a Box package!

If you choose the TurboTronic option, these are the additional features you get:

Hands-Free Deployment of your Business / Done For You ($1497 Value)

If you choose the TurboTronic option, you literally do not have to do anything. We will deploy, customize and set up your entire system for you. You will hit the ground running, and every single BotTronic update will be automatically deployed without you ever having to worry about it.

TurboTronic Only

Access to an Exclusive Mastermind Group ($2497 per year Value)

When you choose TurboTronic, you gain access to an Exclusive Mastermind Group where you will get ongoing support, direct access to the CMO of BotTronic, access to additional marketing perks and more...


TurboTronic Only

Promotion of Your Business on BotTronic Social Media Channels ($ Priceless)

In addition to providing ongoing Lead Generation support, we will give you a massive head start by promoting you as an Official BotTronic Affiliate Partner on a variety of BotTronic Social Media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  It goes without saying that we'll also include your referral link so you can generate revenue on autopilot! 


TurboTronic Only

Your Business Will be Featured in the BotTronic Official Partner Directory ($Priceless)

The BotTronic Consultant Directory provides a list of official partners by geographical location.  We will be featuring you in this directory. Anyone looking for a BotTronic Consultant in your area will find you!


TurboTronic Only

Priority Support/Personal Support Representative for your entire business ($Priceless)

You will get a dedicated support representative who will deliver priority support in a Telegram and / or Facebook Group to your group of investors and/or affiliates.


TurboTronic Only


After seeing the massive value you get when you sign up for a BotTronic Business in a Box, you're probably wondering how much of an investment you're looking at.  Well, the good news is—a lot less than you might think!


There are two options available.  If you would like to get your Business in a Box set up in record time, so that you can hit the ground running and start growing your BotTronic team exponentially right out of the starting blocks, then select the TurboTronic Plan.  Alternatively, you can import and customize all the templates yourself, following the super-easy-to-follow step-by-step instructional videos which are available in the dedicated BotTronic Membership Area.  If this sounds more like you, then select the StartTronic Plan below:

Choose the Business Option that's right for you...


DIY Tronic Business in a Box Plan

You customize the templates & any updates to the system that we send you—step-by-step instructional videos provided.

Step-by-Step Instructional Videos for importing & customizing the templates and emails.

All BotTronic updates are emailed to you for importing & customizing

Plus everything else in the complete Business In A Box overview above..

10 E-mail accounts


10 E-mail accounts



One-time payment

+ $99 monthly for the marketing software


Turbo Tronic Business in a Box Plan - Done for You

We set everything up for you and keep your entire marketing system updated at all times.


We import, set up & customize the entire system, including all landing pages, optins & emails for you.

We automatically update your system every time there is a BotTronic system update.

A Dedicated Support Rep is assigned to provide priority support to your BotTronic subscribers.

Access to an Exclusive Mastermind Group  to provide ongoing support for your BotTronic Consulting or Affiliate / Networking Business.

Plus everything else in the complete Business In A Box overview ..above



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