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  • Start Trading Like An Expert Today!

  • Use this system with no previous trading experience!

  • Plug into the BotTronic system while retaining complete control over your funds!

  • Transform your revenue-generating potential.


BotTronic takes automated copy-bot trading to the next level.  Plan like a human, trade like a machine!

BotTronic redefines and simplifies Bot Trading in the Forex Markets.  Forex is pretty simple to understand: you trade one currency for another.  What's more, the Forex Markets are incredibly accessible, as they're open 24 hours, 5 days a week. 


The BotTronic trading subscriptions are based on 100% Copy Trading, which means you will never lose control of your funds. You will be able to trade like an expert. Handsfree.


Create your FREE account today and experience the difference!  And if you would like to talk with us about this unique opportunity, then you can schedule a free call with us:

Only create an account if you DO NOT have a BotTronic Account through one

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Copy Trading is a way to start investing like a pro without any previous experience.  It's a portfolio management strategy where you “copy” the trades of another trader or bot automatically.  You can still close trades and open new ones whenever you want, but by copying another trader and their strategies, you trade based on their skills and experience.  Using the knowledge of experienced traders to make decisions for you, ensures an even more profitable outcome.  You will receive daily reports for all trading activities and you have 24/7 access to your account with your broker.


You are in complete control of your funds at all times.  That's because your funds are stored and safely traded from your own personal broker accounts using one of our partnered Brokers.  You never have to transfer funds to the BotTronic Copy Trading Platform.  BotTronic merely serves as a bridge for the interaction between the accounts of traders and investors through a secured connection.

You simply choose the subscription that works best for you, and we’ll facilitate the rest.  Subscriptions start at as little as $97 and there are plans to suit every budget.  


  •       STEP 1       

    Create Your FREE Account.

  •        STEP 2      

    Locate the Confirmation Email and Confirm Your Account.

  •        STEP 3     

    Navigate to Setup Area inside the BotTronic Dashboard & Follow the Instructions.

  •       STEP 4       

    Start Trading Automatically Like An Expert!

BOTTRONIC: The Lowdown

  • Registered & Verified

  • Partnered with Official Brokers

  • 100% Transparency on Trades

BotTronic is a group of trailblazing FinTech experts who felt it was about time to bring something to the table solely focused on transparency & results using the Forex Markets as their playground.

BotTronic cares about their members, and they will go above and beyond to guide you on your Forex journey. While the journey starts in Forex, BotTronic will be adding trading opportunities in the Cryptocurrency markets in the near future.

BotTronic is on a mission to get results for you.  Are you tired of staring at the screen, waiting for the right investment opportunity to land in your lap? Then let us show you how BotTronic can make a massive difference to you.  Simply click the first button below to create your free account, and take a look at what BotTronic can do to transform your revenue-generating potential today.  Or, if you'd like to speak with us first, click the second button to schedule a time for a chat:

Only create an account if you DO NOT have a BotTronic Account through one

of the BotTronic Affiliates.


The BotTronic Affiliate Program is designed to allow Investors to easily share the BotTronic opportunity with others and create an additional income. You can earn a monthly passive income from every subscriber you introduce to the platform. You will get paid for as long as your referral remains an active member of BotTronic.


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What BotTronic Stands For

  • Compliant

    Compliance matters! BotTronic has strived to do everything just right. They have partnered with the right professionals and taken care of all the required legalities.

  • Transparent

    Transparency is hard to find! We have experienced this first hand, so we strive to be an open book to our investors.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is inherent in everything BotTronic stands for. Therefore, they are constantly working to improve and grow their services to ensure a stable ROI opportunity.

  • Secure

    Security is vital! The BotTronic platform was built by top-notch developers and Google Authentication is used to secure your login credentials and information.

  • Customer Service

    Customer service is in BotTronic's nature! Their support and consulting team goes above and beyond to help you in your Forex journey.

  • Global

    BotTronic is on a mission to onboard investors worldwide and show them the power of trading in the Forex Markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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